As a final act of my chairmanship, I wrote a byline for the Miami Herald about the value of civic engagement and how multitaskers can use this tool for business growth. Those who engage in civic activity not only make our community a better place to live, work and play, but they also reap incredible business benefits.

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It seemed only fitting that the last leadership blog of the chamber’s 2015-2016 year feature the thoughts of our new Chairman, Dr. Mark Rosenberg.

I have been honored to have Mark as my support this past year and he has ramped up quicker than any chair in history. It’s especially exciting that he and his committee chairs have the goals already mapped out as the Goals Conference begins. 

Mark and all the volunteer leaders will hit the ground running. The Chamber is lucky to have Mark as its leader and I’m certain not only will our members benefit from his vision, but the entire South Florida community as well. Read More

Miami has long been known as the Gateway to the Latin America, but as our economy continues to grow and evolve, we must embrace our strength as a region.

That sentiment comes from Senator George LeMieux, Chairman of the Board for the law firm of Gunster and a member of the Chamber’s Board of Governors.  

A public servant and strategic counselor to C-suite executives, Senator LeMieux spoke to me about how the business community can foster growth and how entrepreneurs can improve their chances of success.

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