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It seemed only fitting that the last leadership blog of the chamber’s 2015-2016 year feature the thoughts of our new Chairman, Dr. Mark Rosenberg.

I have been honored to have Mark as my support this past year and he has ramped up quicker than any chair in history. It’s especially exciting that he and his committee chairs have the goals already mapped out as the Goals Conference begins. 

Mark and all the volunteer leaders will hit the ground running. The Chamber is lucky to have Mark as its leader and I’m certain not only will our members benefit from his vision, but the entire South Florida community as well.

Mark RosenbergAs the new Chairman of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, I am proud to serve an organization that is a tremendous force for good in our community and one of the most powerful, impactful, civic proponents for community well-being.

Now more than ever, our community’s prosperity depends on our ability to generate more and better jobs for our hard-working families. Additionally, we need to find solutions for key challenges which include transportation, sea-level rise, fostering the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem, ending youth violence, and closing the prosperity gap across our community. In order to benefit from emerging markets near and far, it is essential that we improve our understanding of how they operate as well as our ability to tap into them.

Addressing these challenges and opportunities, the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce will redouble its efforts through enhanced member services and committee initiatives. This year will be one of transition, revitalization and change for our GMCC. Nobody is more essential to these efforts than our committed volunteers.

Our volunteers understand that to move forward we must further enhance the business of our businesses. They fully appreciate that collaboration and cooperation, with focused goal setting, is necessary to improve community well-being and dignity. Their task is to drive the momentum of this year’s committees, identifying goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely. I thank these volunteers for their invaluable leadership and passion.

Looking forward to our upcoming initiatives, our goal is to achieve change and improvement much as a contact sport: face to face, one person and one challenge at a time. We want local businesses to know that their GMCC is an excellent venue to obtain support, meet key people, improve their competitiveness, and move the community needle. We welcome these businesses and look forward to helping them identify and seize new opportunities.

As we move beyond the Goals conference, we will further crystallize our vision, focusing on ways to maximize our impact for the greater good of our community and the businesses we serve. Again, I am thankful and proud to be part of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, an organization deeply committed to our community’s health and prosperity.

Mark Rosenberg

Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce Chairman and President of Florida International University

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