A View From The Entrepreneurial Capital of the World

Entrepreneurs constantly seek an edge that will help grow their business. That edge often comes from a spark of inspiration. Inspiration is not something that some people have and others don’t, it is something that smart business leaders actively make time to find. 

My company, rbb Communications, is based in Miami – a town recognized as a small business mecca for years and now rapidly taking its place on the global landscape as an exciting entrepreneurial ecosystem catering to businesses of all types from quick service restaurants to healthcare and virtual reality. 

I’ve enjoyed being in the jetstream of inspiration as ideas have flowed, first between the Americas and now to Europe and Asia. With a desire to create something new running deeply in the DNA of the diverse population of people who find their way here, Miami has earned the title of “entrepreneurial capital of the world.” 

Business leaders are taking on some of the most difficult issues of the day like transportation and sea level rise. While they are creating jobs, they are also making our lives better and our communities stronger. I believe business matters like never before – hence the name of this blog.

In the last year, I was fortunate enough to serve as the chair for Florida’s largest regional chamber, representing 400,000 employees of member companies, and I interviewed leaders form Consul Generals to Senators. I look forward to continuing to share the inspirational stories of the many business and civic leaders who are role models for entrepreneurial success. 

Have a story you’d like to tell? Consider this a place for you to inspire or be inspired. Here’s to your success!