Miami’s ascension as a world-class business hub is not just about the health of our real estate, financial and entrepreneurial sectors, but about how as a community we address critical issues that impact all of our residents. That’s why the Chamber’s New World Center Committee, led by Chair Danet Linares, brought some of the, Read More

A call to support Hispanic entrepreneurship in South Florida

As the “Gateway to the Americas” and “Entrepreneurial Capital of the World,” the subject of Latino entrepreneurialism is extremely relevant to the South Florida business community. There is perhaps no better market for entrepreneurs than Miami, given our growing infrastructure for start-ups, strong banking community and tremendous diversity. That is why I want to, Read More

2016: The Year of the Entrepreneur

The term entrepreneur was coined more than 200 years ago. Yet growing up in the Bronx, I never knew an entrepreneur and thought business owners were limited to the local newsstand or butcher. Today, it seems there is an entrepreneur around every corner. Companies with no revenues are valued at hundreds of millions, and, Read More

Trading in four wheels for two

One of the cornerstone issues for the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce is transportation infrastructure and traffic. Emphasizing the importance of alternative means of travel, our community needs to begin changing its mindset. And an upcoming program looks to do just that. WHEELS is a five-day, free tri-county event from November 11-15, 2015 that, Read More

One of the keystone issues facing the South Florida business community is traffic and transportation infrastructure. The Greater Miami Chamber Commerce has made this one of our top priorities and continuing to drive the conversation forward, Mike Reininger, president of All Aboard Florida was the featured speaker at the October Trustee Luncheon, which drew, Read More

PortMiami Tunnel

It has been a full year since the first cargo trucks diverted from the streets of downtown Miami to a smoother and more efficient route under Government Cut and onto Port Miami through the much awaited and much appreciated PortMiami Tunnel. Not only did the PortMiami Tunnel project complete on time and under-budget, a, Read More

The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce is focused on transportation solutions and bringing Tri-Rail to downtown is a great step. This letter to the editor in the Miami Herald reiterates why we believe this is a good idea. Barry Johnson was present for the June 25th CRA meeting where the project continued to move, Read More