The Path to Success

As a final act of my chairmanship, I wrote a byline for the Miami Herald about the value of civic engagement and how multitaskers can use this tool for business growth. Those who engage in civic activity not only make our community a better place to live, work and play, but they also reap, Read More


It seemed only fitting that the last leadership blog of the chamber’s 2015-2016 year feature the thoughts of our new Chairman, Dr. Mark Rosenberg. I have been honored to have Mark as my support this past year and he has ramped up quicker than any chair in history. It’s especially exciting that he and, Read More

Miami has long been known as the Gateway to the Latin America, but as our economy continues to grow and evolve, we must embrace our strength as a region. That sentiment comes from Senator George LeMieux, Chairman of the Board for the law firm of Gunster and a member of the Chamber’s Board of, Read More

Taking the Next Step

On the heels of the Chamber’s South Florida Good to Great Awards®, now is the perfect time for business leaders to look in the mirror and see how we can challenge our organizations to grow further, embracing the concepts in Jim Collins book. Miami is a city that has been built on the entrepreneurial spirit, Read More

While Miami’s presence as an entrepreneurial capital continues to grow, one sector that has always been strong for the destination is banking. As the Gateway to Latin America, many multinational financial institutions have called Miami home, and the Chamber is looking to grow that footprint even wider as we target Chinese investors. In advance, Read More

Accounting for South Florida's future

South Florida is a community of entrepreneurs who have grown their business based on hard work, a geographic edge and the culturally diverse environment we live in everyday. Morrison, Brown, Argiz & Farra (MBAF) is a prime example, as the Miami-based accounting has gone from a firm of 12 starting in 1969, to more, Read More

Good to Great

Great is always better than Good. Last week, the Chamber held its 12th annual South Florida Good to Great Awards® to showcase businesses throughout the tri-county region that have embraced the concepts in Jim Collins book and proven they are a company built to last. Congratulations to the finalists and this year’s class of amazing, Read More

Tech incubators are helping to enrich Miami’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. But as South Florida continues to ascend as a destination for start-ups, it’s important we all understand this important industry and what can fuel its growth.  Recently I exchanged e-mails with Jorge Diaz, leader of the Chamber’s Technology Committee, to discuss the vital issues in, Read More

The wellbeing of a community is deeply affected by access to quality healthcare. Baptist Health South Florida has been an leading medical provider, advocate and innovator for our region for more than 50 years. As a Chairman’s Circle member of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, Baptist believes in the value of civic engagement, Read More

Interview with Ralph MacNamara: The Road Ahead

It’s always vital to understand the key issues shaping our local economy, and more importantly for the Chamber to proactively work with other local organizations and corporations to help create solutions. That is why last year the Chamber conducted an Executive Survey of its membership, executed by Kaufman Rossin, to evaluate key issues to, Read More